Our Products

Shaikh Special
Indication : A very good remedy for brain and heart. It improves circulation in brain and heart.
Dosage : 1/2 teaspoon daily morning with warm milk
Packing : 100gm. ( 15 Days ) Order

Mafasil Tablet
Indication : Good for joint pain. Lessens swelling, Repair cartilage damage and gives pain free movement.
Dosage : 1 or 2 tablets 2 or 3 times daily with water
Packing : 30 tablets. Order

Jiryan Khas Tablet
Indication : For men Stops spermatorrhoea, remove anxiety improve quality of sperm and stops wet dreams.
Dosage : 1 tablet twice daily with milk
Packing : 60 tablet Order

Hair Care Capsule
Indication : For falling hair. It stops hair falling and help it regrow.
Dosage : 1 capsule twice daily with milk ( Along with Hair Care Oil to be massaged on scalp daily at night )
Packing : 30 capsules Order

Hair Care Oil
Indication : It stops falling hair, stops itching on scalp, control dandruff.
Dosage : Daily massaged on scalp.
Packing : 50ml and 100ml Order

Skin Care Cream
Indication : Cream to be massaged in skin conditions such as acne, boils, itching and spots.
Dosage : -
Packing : - Order

Lajward tablet
Indication : For hypertension. It also reduces anxiety, stress and tension along with controlling high blood pressure.
Dosage : 1 tablet twice or 3 times daily with water
Packing : 60 tablets Order

Dia Cap
Indication : For Diabetes Controle.
Dosage : 1 capsule 2 or 3 times daily before meals.
Packing : 60 Capsules Order

Sufuf Mulaiyan
Indication : Herbal Laxative. Clear bowels without gripe.
Dosage : 1 or 2 teaspoon powder at night with warm water.
Packing : 100gm Order

Musaffi Tablet
Indication : Blood purifer. Help in skin conditions such as acne, boils, rashes etc.
Dosage : 1 tablet 2 or 3 times daily with water.
Packing : 60 tablets Order

Nisai Tablet
Indication : For Ladies in Lucorrhoea, back pain, weakness lethargy may be taken along with Supari Khas or alone.
Dosage : 1 tablet twice daily with milk.
Packing : 60 tablets Order

Kabid Tablet
Indication : For Flatulance, indigestion and acidity.
Dosage : 1 or 2 tablet twice daily after meal.
Packing : 60 tablets Order

Mumsik Special Capsule
Indication : For Premature ejaculation.
Dosage : 1 or 2 capsules 2 Hours before intercourse with warm milk.
Packing : 10 capsules Order